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About Hyde’s Harvest Vineyard

The Hyde’s first started growing Muscadine grapes at the Harvest location in 2007 when Luke and Brooke Hyde moved to Harvest, Alabama. In 2008, the Vineyard in Toney, AL was started on Robert and Charlotte Hyde’s property. Since beginning the cultivation of Muscadines, the Hyde’s have started to investigate other hybrid grape varietals that will produce well in the North Alabama area. They intend to continue to add other French Hybrids and vinifera over the years. Most recently, they have found Pinot Noir to be successful in our climate and terroir.

The Muscadine is grape the is indigenous to North American and grows extremely well in the South East. At Hydes’s Harvest, we have several types of Red and White Muscadines. The vineyards include Noble, Tara, Black Beauty, Carlos, and Darlene. The muscadine grape is suited for grape jellies, jams, cobblers, and winemaking.
Muscadine History on Wikipedia

The Chardonel grape is a French hybrid and is produced by grafting the Seyval to the classic vinifera Chardonnay.

The Norton grape was introduced by Dr. Daniel Norborne Norton of Richmond, Virginia. He believed the Norton was a truly a grape native to North America. Since this grape lacks most of the distinct flavors or foxiness that is typical of native American grapes, it is desirable for making a dry wine. The grape is the state grape of Missouri and is the cornerstone of the Missouri wine industry.